Day 329: Houston, we have a problem..

Yesterday I joked about the ego-bust it is to be considered “non-essential personnel” and allowed to stay home today since UT-H is closed. When the roads look like this, I’m completely content to stay right here in my pjs!

ps those little gray triangles.. where accidents have occurred. stay safe yall!

Day 328: A for effort..

Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with chinese food. Also, because it’s freaking cold and I don’t feel like doing anything :)

Day 327: Hi I likee youuu..

Starting to put together something for the boy.. gosh I miss crafts!!

Day 326: Just a little less clutter..

Found this shelf at Target tonight, and I’m in love with it. Yes, I Sarah, am in love with a shelf. It’s so convenient. Keeps all my hair stuff out of the way with all their cords! Does this make me a boring adult yet?

Day 325: A Case of the.. no, you’d get ass kicked sayin something like that.

If my room says anything about the state of my life (which it does), then you can tell that my life is ridiculously hectic right now. Homework assignment, grant due tomorrow, working with a patient all week.. blah. 

Day 324: “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!”

Today is palindrome day. Not really, I made that up. But my dashboard had a palindrome today while I was out driving. And that’s pretty cool.

Day 323: Just Delicious..

Today we went to Just Mac’ for some of the most delish mac n cheese ever. It was even worth the hour we spent lost on I610.

Day 322: Starting lineup..

Tonights agenda: sparkly nailpolish and junkfood. I’ll see you in 1000 calories.

Day 321: Leftovers..

My favorite leftovers are red velvet cake leftovers from Chocolate Bar.

Day 320: #Strugglecity

Sometimes taking pictures with a selftimer is just.. well.. makes the Almond Joy song “sometimes you feel like a nut!” just pop into your head.

Day 319: My version of how to..

This is how you watch videos when bloggers post things sideways.. genius, huh?

Day 318: Oopsy Daisy..

Some days end up like this. And you just gotta laugh about it.

Day 317: How far I’ve come..

A year ago I was just learning how to write code to do data analysis exactly as I wanted, not just what a GUI offers. Now, I’m writing code for (simple) simulations as homework assignments. It’s a good feeling.

Day 316: How sweet it is..

I woke up this morning and Ian was holding this in his hand… excuse me while I swoon!

Day 315: Like a lady..

Let this day go down in history as the day I discovered red lipstick..